A voracious herbivore - The horse

“Like all living organisms, horses need to hire i materials to build or repair cells and tissues or produce energy. The nutrients in the horse's natural diet are mostly provided by grass. The herb is a plant and, as all plants are able to absorb simple substances like water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and inorganic minerals and convert them into more complex organic substances such as carbohydrates and proteins. The green plants they are able to convert the energy of the sun into chemical compounds to produce organic complexes. These organic substances produced by plants then provide the nutrients to the animals that graze on them. The plants produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water through the energy of sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis, occurs in the leaves of all green plants and therefore the leaves are to be considered as carbohydrate factories. Like all other animals, i caota biscuits they have one limited ability to produce carbohydrates That they need, being herbivores, eat vegetables, especially grass with a high fogliarità. Everything horses eat and drink every day goes into the diet of the animal and a diet that contains all nutrients in the correct proportions it is defined “balanced”. The ration is the amount of food provided to the horse in a day, which must be studied according to the type of equine and the work possibly carried out.”

(Taken from some passages of the book by Zoe Davies – The Equine Supply – Italian translation by Marcello Hinxman Allegri and Giuseppe Iardella, ed. Raffaello Cortina)

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