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The reward biscuits for hand-printed equidae, not extruded,
made as if at home

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Horse cakes

We also make delicious cakes for horses, to celebrate special occasions or simply offer a special snack to your partner.

Cakes can be of three types: to one, two or three overlapping flavours. The flavors available are those relating to the production of biscuits. The price, starting from 15,00 €, it varies according to the type of cake and the packaging, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with or without candles and balloons.

Upon specific request, the cake can also be prepared “scuderia”, a cake of approx 1 kg perfect for celebrating several birthdays together or for offering a piece of happiness to many horses!

To buy our cakes please contact us by mobile or email (you can find them in the section “Contacts”), or through our Facebook and Instagram pages!