Saturday, June 22, 2019, the race of the morphology in Cavaglià, overview of our cakes award for horses.
1st Keuring race Barock Pinto Dutch in Italy.
The three cakes for the top finishers.
The carriage pulled by Florian, stallion approved by the Netherlands courts, which particularly like our biscuits with apple.
Hanne Casone, Barock Pinto young female with a lady sleepy, given that we are in the time of the afternoon siesta, Hanne loves our biscuits carrot ....

TheTravagliato Cavalli fair which saw our participation from the 25 to the 28 April, the Cavalieri della Tolfa with their semi-wild Tolfa horses. Here we can see Othello who appreciated the banana biscuits even though he is not used to rewards.

The organizer of the above competition, the horseman/rider Simone Sed awards the first prize to the winning horse with one of our prize cakes which are prepared specifically for the first, second and third classified, in one, two or three layers.