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A voracious herbivore - The horse

Like all living organisms, horses need to ingest the right foodstuffs) to construct or repair cells and tissue, and to produce energy. The nutrients in the horse's natural diet are mostly supplied by grass. Grass, like all plants, can absorb simple substances like water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and inorganic minerals to then transform them into more complex organic substances like carbohydrates and proteins. Green plants can convert solar energy into chemical compounds in order to produce organic compounds. These plant-produced organic substances thus supply nutrients to grazing animals. Plants produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water using solar energy. This process, called photosynthesis, occurs in the leaves of all green plants, and so these leaves can be considered laboratories for carbohydrates. Like all other animals, horses have a limited capacity to produce the carbohydrates they need. Being herbivores, they eat green plants, especially grass with an elevated leaf content. Everything that horses eat and drink each day contributes to form their diet, and it is a diet that contains all nutrients in the correct proportions that is defined as "balanced". The ration is the quantity of food supplied to the horse on one day, which should be studied according to the variety of the equid and the work that might be carried out.

(taken in some parts from Zoe Davies' book - "Horse Nutrition")

Principal ingredients of our biscuits for horses and equids



Soybean hulls


Chia seeds

Hemp Oil

Beet pulp




Carob beans


Akhal-Tekė "Brokko" Line

Supplementary feed for horses

Would you like to help the horses belonging to the association "Un Salto oltre il Muro" whose stables are to be found within Bollate Prison, or the rescue horses of the Scuderia del Maglio, province of Turin?

Purchase our biscuits online and we shall deliver them free of charge to the association!

Horse Biscuits
Horse Biscuits

Salto Oltre il Muro Asd Non profit organization

"Heartfelt thanks to Akhal Tekè for the biscuits sent to us. Nina, Woody, Miss , Attila and all the others are highly appreciative! Akhal Tekè is a firm that makes hand-crafted biscuits for horses, without preservatives using apple and locust bean and other natural ingredients. We use them as rewards for postitive behaviour as the beginning of recovery for horses suffering from serious trauma, like our gorgeous Woody"