The reward biscuits for equidae
The reward biscuits for equidae, genuine and fragrant,
made as if at home

A voracious herbivore - The horse

Like all living organisms, horses need to take the materials to build or repair tissues or cells and produce energy. The nutrients in the horse's natural diet are mostly supplied from the grass. The herb is a plant and, as all plants are able to absorb simple substances like water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and inorganic minerals and convert them into more complex organic substances such as carbohydrates and proteins. Green plants are able to convert the energy of sunlight into chemical compounds to produce organic complexes. These organic substances produced by plants then provide nutrients to the animals that graze grazing. The plants produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water through the energy of sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis, It occurs in the leaves of all green plants, and then the leaves are to be considered as carbohydrate factories. Like all other animals, horses have a limited ability to produce the carbohydrates they need, being herbivores, eat vegetables, especially grass with a high fogliarità. All that horses eat and drink every day is to form the animal's diet and a diet that contains all the nutrients in the correct proportions is defined as "balanced". The ration is the amount of food provided to the horse in a day, which must be designed according to the type dell'equide and possibly work done.

(taken in some passages from the book by Zoe Davies – The Equine Supply – Italian translation by Marcello Hinxman Allegri and Giuseppe Iardella, ed. Raffaello Cortina)


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3 packs of biscuits for horses
– 1
– 2
– 3

(shipping and packaging € 7,00)

Euro 35,00 *

*offer valid until 31/07/2022


– 4 packs of horse biscuits
– 2 conf. of biscuits e 2 of bars for horses

(shipping and packaging € 8,00)

Euro 44,00 *

*offer valid until 31/07/2022


– 2 layers
biglietto e candeline
spedizione GRATIS

(shipping and packaging € 8,00)

Euro 15,00 *

*offer valid until 31/07/2022

Principal ingredients of our biscuits for horses and equids



Soybean hulls


Chia seeds

Hemp Oil

Beet (also available demelassed)






Carob beans


Our cakes for birthdays and for awards or anniversaries

Cakes can be of three types : ad a taste, to two , with three overlapping flavors.

The possible tastes are those related to the production of biscuits.

The price, starting from 15,00 €, it varies according to the type of cake and the packaging,
from the simplest to the most elaborate, with or without candles and balloons.

Upon specific request, the cake can also be prepared “scuderia”:
a cake of approx 1 kg. to celebrate several birthdays together,
or to offer a piece of happiness to many horses

Complementary feed for dogs

Horse Biscuits
Horse Biscuits

Salto Oltre il Muro Asd Non profit organization

“A heartfelt thanks to Akhal-Teke for cookies she sent us, Nina, Woody, Miss and Attjla and everyone else appreciate it! Akhal-Teke is a company that produces handmade cookies for horses, without preservatives using apples and carob and other natural ingredients. We also use them as a positive reinforcement as a recovery initiation for horses with very severe trauma, as our beautiful Woody.”